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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wedding Budget? Help Me!!

Ramadan eid mubarak arrived and happy fasting you all , and not only a month then follow by Shawwal. Then raya, yipppiiieee.... For me, the 'day' is coming closer even though its actually a year from now. But for those who are called bride to be, they have started come to think of their functions and all.

But for me and mr fiance, we're not decide or think anything yet. Even on duit hantaran, 'save the date', or  even our theme, we really have not decided yet. And the most basic things before bride to be start planning to their big day is all about the budget needed are still not on our mind because we are still not yet counting this and that.

Indeed, I was a bit blur on the budget. What is the budget required for a simple wedding? Asked a few friends and they advise to have or saving some money which at least Mr Fiance must have around RM30K. It's soooo banyak and I'm not sooooo sure RM30K can be saved within a year. Let us together pengsan and only just a dream to reach 30K. Hahahahaha .... But I think it's a trend now which is bride to be will spend that much of money. It's there anyone who can help me to give an idea of budget? It seemed that I want to become a wedding planner back then, but I don't know anything. Poyo je lebih kan.

Ohww btw, last month we went to Kerja Kawin exhibition and usha-usha a few bridals and wedding planners. I was quite impressed with the package of ReinZaid. For me, his package a bit cheaper rather than others. But in this such matters Mr Fiance should be discuss with his family first.

 RienZaid's package. Piccas taken from RienZaid Facebook.

On my side, I will consider all by myself such on the idea and all. Even on money, I should think it also because I have my own tastes, and may be a bit contrary with my mother, and so I have to pay what I want. It's sound is soooooo hard because I need to pay it. But for makan-makan thingy will all depends on parents. I don't want to kacau. Hehehehe.... Owhh my, I should start saving for the wedding. Promise myself to maximize it but yet still shopping here and there. Ohhhwwww..... My bad!! T_____T 

p/s : nak berbuka makan apa yerk nanti?? 


Anne M. said...

tak kawen la mak kalo sebanyak it duit nya.

Jard The Great said...

RM16k.. oklah tu.. ehehe

ashra said...

hehe.mmg amy.
zaman skang,nak kawin mmg mahal..mgkn sbb banyak yang da ready made kan..dr hantaran ke benda alah kecik2 nak bg tamu.
dun wori much la..list kan apa yg perlu tak perlu,nti amy akan tau,brape yang diperlukan tuk majlis amy.

~dARlee zURiS~ said...

kalu ikut experience zuris,majlis kat dewan mmg belanja mahal sket lah.dalam 30k should be ok lah.
if kat rumah dan simple2 je..dalam 15k camtu lah
selamat menyimpan!:)

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

tuh lah, bukan awak jer. akak pun rasa tak mampu nak buat majlis kahwin ni melainkan akad nikah sahaja. T_____T

so far, macam murah tapi kena kira2 balik jugak tuh.

tuh lah, rasanya memang dah trend org zaman skang nie. kenduri kahwin semua orang ala-ala macam artis dah. betul2 raja sehari.

yer ker? kat rumah cecah 15k jugak ke? ya ampun... mana cukup nih kalau saving rm1k permonth. T_____T

meow2 kucing kurap said...

erm, meo dh jd risau layan bc entri nie.

meo pun ambil ms setahun nk kumpul duit....

memang tak leh cukup... tp keep on tryin'!

D.U.I.T = Doa, usaha,ikhtiar & tawakal

:: fAzRa :: said...

amy...akak phm coz we in same situation...even nk bertunang pun...akak rs mcm nk tercekik...especially when combine togeda with openhouse.....adoiiiiiiiiiiiii...................

wedding budget...??? kena listdown tahu...akak now dh start beli brg sket.....especially tuk hantaran......saving? usah kata la amy....sometimes ade je benda dtg dat we need to use the money first....huwaaaaa

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