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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BlackBerry Is Going To Ban? Ohhhwww NOOOO!!

Hello peeps!! 

Piccas taken from google

For those who watched news on TV last night must have been aware of the Malaysian government is considering to ban Blackberry phone. They are reviewing the safety of the Blackberry and its status is still unknown.

As a user of Blackberry, I feel very aggrieved since I am addicted to it. If the use of Blackberry Messaging (BBM) is not safe as what they said, they did not need to ban the Blackberry phone. Just ban some applications such as BBM like what Indonesian government did. If the ban confirm, I was very surprised that just bought a blackberry phone a few months ago, I think two months ago.

I have to pray a lot, hoping that the decision in favor of a blackberry user. The government should also think about the 'rakyat' who have bought its at a very expensive price. Its not just one hundred ringgit gadget. 

To the Blackberry, please be taken accordingly in order your business not going to fall down.

p/s : sorry peeps, trying hard to upgrade myself in English. 


dYnA said...

darLing.. i'm just considering to buy myself a BB. should i take iphone instead?
btw, your english is fine ;)

Anne M. said...

gud job sis.
org pon nak tulih lam english lah..
tp guna translator

~ mizzAmy ~ said...


yup, for the time being better u go for iphone. the result is still unknown and don't know how long will be taken to decide.


hehehe... good dear, starts from translator. then, u'll even better from translator one day. ;)

Jard The Great said...

ehh.. seyes ke nak kena ban? waaaaaaa.. dasyhat henfon neh.. rasa nk beli plak walaupun diban.. ehehhee

~ mizzAmy ~ said...


not yet lah. tapi dlm proses nak kaji tahap keselamatan penggunaan blackberry untuk negara kita. if tak selamat, jawabnya ban lah. hope paling worst pun dia ban BBM je macam Indonesia. :(

:: fAzRa :: said...

huh? seriously govt going to ban bb?weeee......akak also considering to buy bb....weee...need to ask encik f for other phone la....ahaksss....

i dunt know la but at indonesia they are using local brand which same as was called nexian i t hink....and u will suprised becoz most of people at jakarta using nexian...price? usah kata la.....far away cheaper than bb....but, meant for indonesia sajork...ahaksss

~ mizzAmy ~ said...


belum ban lagi but they are still doing their research. hopefully tak ban lah kan.

i heard about that and thought it was BB. bukan BB ke? no wonder harga BB kat sana drop.

meo berry chipmunk kucing said...

kat saudi dh ban kn?

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