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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

~ Movies Of The Week ~

Salam everyone!! Last week me and Mr Kidd managed to watch 2 movies. I think we watched more than 5 movies in a month. Phhheeeewwww..... That's cool isn't?

My man is Ip Man fanatic fan, everyday he keep watching the real Ip Man in youtube. So, The Legend Is Born Ip Man is a must for him. And, the movie is actually the real legend of Ip Man himself and the Ip Man is still alive and he himself acting in the movie. Tapi tak bawa watak Ip Man lah kan.

Poster taken from google.

Overall, the movie is not bad. Nama pun legend, the plot still tergantung and maybe another part will come. Hopefully since I don't see any of victory of him yet.

Another movie is A-Team. The movie is really awesome and worth to watch. Suggested to action movie fans. not necessary for action movie fan only, anyone yang rasa tak tau nak tengok movie apa, you should watch it. Trust me... ;)

Piccas taken from google.

M.A is waiting for the The Backup Plan movie acting by Jennifer Lopez. I'm into that kind of movie sooooo he need to follow me as well as I did. And this week going to watch She's Out Of My League. Tralalaalalala...... *menari-nari sambil pakai heel 4 inch and angkat sebelah kaki*. ;)


~LP Lum~ said...

salam amy~

huhuhu.. bestnya dpt tgk wayang... sy xde masa dah skang nie... nak2 kat raya nie, laie ar xde masa.. cuti pun next month akan di bekukan... :(

nmpak gayanya kena tunggu dvd ar... layan msa tunggu nak sahur sok... :p

Super Nia Hana said...

wahh..bestnya,..jeles watashi amy leh kuar watch movie sesama dgn mr kidd..

hiksss..tang pakai heels 4inci angkat kaki sebelah yg taktahan tuh

~dARlee zURiS~ said...

nak tengok wayang gak!huhuu...
tp kena berkorban demi kysha
so..beli dvd ajelah.

mr sharil pun suka cite A team tu.
katanya fav. movie die time skool dulu
i cant wait for twilight:eclipse!yeahhh!!

meo188 said...

tgh layan cite madu tiga... nk kawin tiga

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